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Nick Chambers
Certified Financial Planner







Welcome, and thanks for stopping by!


This is an educational website. I am well aware that it may be considered a bit wordy by some as compared to other sites created by experts, and for that I apologize. However, I created this site myself learning as I went along, so I know it could be improved. (Probably best viewed on a computer)


My intent was to give a retiree or pre-retiree enough information to determine if it would make sense to contact me for a discussion about areas of concern they may have.

As a CFP since 1988, I concentrate on providing solutions for some key areas of concern related to maximizing the assets in an IRA. (Visit the IRA Optimization tab.)


I also specialize in providing funding solutions to either increase income to pay expenses, enjoy retirement more, or to pay for a long-term care event. This could include those already receiving care in their home or in a facility, as well as those who may be in need in the near future. For those currently receiving care we offer a proprietary program that provides  financial peace of mind to the resident and their family's because they know that regardless of how long they are receiving care they will always have sufficient income to pay for that care. Many of our solutions can also be used to increase current income, even if LTC is not needed. (Visit the LTC/Income  Funding Options tab)


After a career that spanned over 35 years as a CFP® in the Atlanta, Ga area, my wife Trish and I decided to move to Crossville, TN., after spending 6 years in retirement in the mountains of western NC.


While we both enjoyed our retirement years in NC, we also had a desire to be more active and productive in our remaining years. Therefore, about 4 years ago we decided to do just that by moving to Tennessee.


Recently, after chatting with many of my peers, I felt I could make a difference by opening a new firm that specialized in IRA maximization strategies and funding solutions for long-term care. We concentrate on educating our client’s on their specific concerns, and offer solutions as they may be appropriate.

My priorities in life are my faith, my family, and being of service to others as it relates to their personal finances in retirement. Personally, I enjoy playing singles in both pickleball and tennis, as well as performing as a vocalist the wonderful standards from "The Great American Songbook, as well as music from the 50's 60's and 70's.


While I enjoy singing to residents in independent and assisted living senior living facilities, my true passion is having the privilege and joy to sing about Jesus for my solo concert, "We Believe", which conveys the greatest story ever told, the Gospel. This is a 60 minute concert of extremely impactful and inspirational songs that will be meaningful to all believers, and hopefully to non-believers as well.


Following the concert for those who would like to stay, we will sing some of the best inspirational contemporary praise and worship songs written today, as well as some of the greatest Southern Gospel sing-along songs of yesterday which will instantly raise your spirits. This will be a wonderful time of joy and worship that should last approximately 30 minutes. Please reach out to me if you feel this concert is something your own church might consider. 

As a Christian I have a duty to introduce people to Jesus, which can also involve providing education and information to skeptics, seekers, and those who may be just curious. If you fit this description and have an open-mind, or know someone who does, please contact me at for a discussion.

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