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To understand our approach to investment management we would strongly encourage you to review this brief presentation.

Investment Management

We believe clients are best served by simplifying an otherwise confusing subject and providing education and pertinent information so they can really understand exactly how their money is being invested.


We also believe clients are really interested in only two things when it comes to their investments: "one, make money, and two, don’t lose money.” For many retirees in particular, it probably is the latter.


There is always a delicate balance in the non-guaranteed investment world between the appropriate opportunity for performance or risk and an acceptable level of asset preservation or risk tolerance.






























This is especially true for clients that may be close to or in the distribution phase of an investment cycle and preservation of assets is a primary concern. As an extension of a basic tactical approach, we have developed a general investment strategy we refer to as the 80% Target Approach.






















Whichever specific strategy is ultimately developed for any client, the process always begins by determining a client’s individual risk tolerance and then evaluating the appropriate risk based investment options.

*For information on the main issues with mutual funds as compared to an investment advisory account, please visit the Mutual Funds Issues tab.


This approach is constructed by evaluating the individual characteristics of a wide range of money managers. Then, developing a suggested allocation of normally three to five selected managers with the long-term goal of generally:

That is why any investment consideration should first begin with an evaluation of both the level of desired performance and an acceptable amount of risk for each individual investor.

Through our relationship with Folio Institutional (Goldman Sachs) we also have the ability to invest in the majority of all individual stocks, ETF's, and Mutual Funds for our clients, should that be their desire.

As a FAN Advisor we offer access to both guaranteed income sources, as well as strategic and tactical investment platforms. Investment Advisor Representatives such as myself can provide either solution for their non-guaranteed investments, depending on individual client situations. However, we have found that many clients prefer a tactical investment approach.

Although there are many ways to invest and many strategies that may be used, we believe a carefully constructed risk based strategic or tactical allocation is an appropriate investment approach. And, for many investors, as an extension of an appropriate tactical allocation, the 80% Target Approach may well be an ideal overall approach.

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