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Stewardship Financial Solutions


Our Philosophy of Money

We believe Biblical truths should transform every aspect of life; this includes the way we view and manage our money. We understand God owns everything, including our money, and we should practice Biblical stewardship over all our resources and gifts, but we also understand there are priorities and a sequence to managing our money. Therefore, we believe spending should not come before giving, and luxuries should not come before saving.



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To Simplify and Summarize - Here Are the Five Money Management Principles Everyone Should Adhere Too, to Become Good Stewards of the Lord's Money:


 1. Spend less than you earn
 2. Give generously
 3. Avoid debt whenever possible
 4. Build cash flow margin
 5. Set long term goals



• Balancing provision and protection 
(God’s protection, my responsibility to provide)
• How Much Is Enough? (Once you have determined that you have sufficient assets and income to live a comfortable lifestyle for the rest of your life, and to leave a reasonable financial legacy to your heirs based on the Lord's direction, should you begin a giving program with your remaining assets?) 




 • Giving breaks the power of money




 • Debt always mortgages the future
 • I owe taxes, but they are symptomatic of God’s provision




 • Growing margin is the only way to meet long term goals

In order to help our retired and pre-retirement client's continue to grow their margin and protect God's assets, we offer financial solutions in a number of different areas. 
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