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We Would Encourage You to Download the Pamphlet "5 Real Financial Risks You May Face in Retirement"
Income for Life Report

You don't have to worry about whether you'll outlive your money. Not if you invest in such a way that you have guaranteed income coming to you month after month, for the rest of your life. In addition, as a husband you also want the security of knowing that your loved ones will be well taken care of after you're gone. 

There are 5 primary risks in retirement that every retiree could face, which we can help you minimize or eliminate. These are:

Extended Longevity - The effect of living longer than expected and needing long-term care services or running out of money.


Rising Inflation - The effect of inflation on your long-term purchasing power.


Market Downturn - The effect of a large stock market drop when you are no longer earning an income and don't have the time to make up the loss, particularly early in retirement.


Deceased Spouse - The detrimental effect it can have when a spouse passes, due to a reduction in monthly income for the surviving spouse, primarily from a decrease in Social Security and pension income.


Tax Increases - The effect higher future taxes can have on the longevity of our retirement assets.


One of our primary functions in working with those in retirement, or those nearing retirement, is to develop an income plan that reduces their risk exposure, enabling them to use guaranteed income sources to produce their desired retirement monthly income.


 Using our Income for Life software, we can determine if you will have a monthly “Income Gap” in retirement based on what you feel you need, as well as what you may want.


In addition, we also review what impact the death of a spouse will have on the surviving spouse's household income (we call this the “Income Cliff”), which in the majority of cases is normally the wife.

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Please contact us to discuss creating your own "Income for Life" Report.

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