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What makes retirement planning so complex?


Distributing retirement income in a tax efficient way has a lot of moving parts. Not only is each aspect of income planning critical on its own, but they are all interrelated. Creating a holistic plan that accounts for all of these complexities is the only way to gain the comfort and confidence in retirement you deserve.








How do we make it all clear?

Our software, IncomeConductor, provides a laser focus on making income distribution planning as simple as possible. By bringing all of the key decision points and illustrations into a single screen, you can instantly see the impact and value of every planning decision.

A plan, not a probability.

Entering retirement is often an anxious time for investors. A clear, trackable time-segmented income plan is exactly what you should want.

We can generate a written plan together on a single screen and produce full-color reports that you will understand.



Model retirement with just a few clicks.

All of the important retirement income decisions are together in one easy to use interface.

With just a few clicks, assess different Social Security claiming strategies, account liquidation orders, Roth conversion schedules, annuity purchases, and much more.




Build tax-efficiency into every decision.

Understanding the tax consequence of each planning decision is critical to building an efficient plan.

Getting instant results every time you make a change to an income plan scenario means clarity and understanding of tax issues, causes, and possible solutions.




Please contact us to schedule your own demonstration of out powerful software.

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