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We recognize you probably have worked with other financial advisors in the past as you were accumulating assets.


Now that you are already retired or in your pre-retirement phase of life (age 55+), why should you consider speaking with us? How are we different from your other advisors? What value add could we provide?


First, the vast majority of advisors concentrate on helping clients accumulate assets for every day spending and to be used as a source for income during retirement. However, once near or in retirement the game radically changes to one of decumulation and developing lifetime income strategies.


This can be a very complex process due to the many unique set of problems and risks which are presented in retirement. Some of these are:


  • Living longer than expected (longevity)

  • Stock market negative sequence of returns, particularly early in retirement

  • Loss of purchasing power due to inflation

  • Long-term care events

  • Tax-rate hikes

  • Medicare cost increases

  • Lack of guaranteed lifetime income

  • Loss of income due to the death of a spouse  

  • Irregular spending patterns


Probably unlike your other advisors, we specialize exclusively in developing retirement income strategies. This is a new specialization in the financial advisory field, that is different and more demanding than during the period of accumulation while you are working. It certainly requires a different skill set.


We help our clients obtain solutions for all of the risks mentioned above. We do this by partnering with several companies that provide us with newer software tools that specialize in retirement concerns, which enables us to address each of these issues.


If any of these risks are of concern to you as well, and if you’re not confident you have been presented with a viable solution, why not contact us for a short consult to see how we could a provide solution? Even if you are working with other advisors, isn’t it prudent to get a second opinion now and then?


Our slogan at RIS is “We deliver confidence and peace of mind to retirement income.” If that would appeal to you as well, please get in touch with us to schedule some time.

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